Katarzyna Wojnicka receives the Emma Goldman award

The Department of Sociology and Work Science congratulates its Associate Professor Katarzyna Wojnicka who is one of the awardees of the Emma Goldman Award 2023.

Katarzyna Wojnicka håller i statyett från Emma Goldman Award 2023.

The award, which is founded by the Flax Foundation, aims to generate and support innovative research and knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe in order to contribute to a society with greater social justice, equality, and solidarity. The award is 50,000 € which can be spent on research and development as a scholar.

- I am very happy that I received the prize, of course, and I perceive it as a recognition not only of my work but also of the way I do it, namely, combining sociology with critical men and masculinities studies to research gender (in)equalities in the European dimension. I am also very proud of the fact that I am the first person who brought this award not only to the University of Gothenburg but to Sweden in general. I am sure however that I am not the last one, says Katarzyna Wojnicka. 

For the prize money, Katarzyna wants to continue work on her ongoing project, finish two book projects and work internationally. 

- I would like to spend the money on continuing my ongoing project on queer memorials in Europe (European queer memorials: from Homomonument to HBTQI memorial in Gothenburg funded by Adlerbertska Foundation) and on two sabbaticals where I plan to finish 2 of the book projects I am working on right now. I would like to spend several months in German/Austrian academia next Spring (to finish my book on the sociology of masculinities but also reconnect with my second homeland and the language) and in 2025 I would like to go to the USA and join one of their excellent universities, preferably on the East Coast as I do not have a driving license and cannot move to California. 

Read more about the award and the awardees on the Flax Foundation web: