European fathers' rights movements: gender (in)equality discourses and politics

Research project
Active research
Project period
2019 - 2024
Project owner
The Department of Sociology and Work Science

The Swedish Research Council

Short description

The goal of this project is to conduct research on European fathers’ rights movements (FRMs), a particular facet of men’s social movements and their discourses on gender (in)equality as well as practices aimed at combating gender-based discrimination.

The project draws on preliminary qualitative research on Polish, Swedish and British fathers' rights movements and will be enriched by new data gathered through several social research methods including quantitative and qualitative studies. Firstly, quantitative research, including groups mapping and internet-based surveys, were conducted in all EU/EFTA states. Secondly, in-depth interviews were conducted with movement activists from a) Germany and Spain and b) transnational organisations. The project combines and contributes to the literature on social movements, critical men and masculinities studies and European studies.