#SolidarityWithPolishWomen: Transnational Abortion Activism in Central Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea Region

Research project
Active research
Project period
2024 - 2027
Project owner
The Department of Sociology and Work Science

Foundation of Baltic and East European Studies

Short description

The goal of the project is to investigate the character and dynamics of transnational abortion activism, a phenomenon that can be identified in contemporary Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea Region. Transnational abortion mobilisation in the region has not yet been investigated, despite its theoretical and social significance, given the recent limitations of civil rights and health assistance for Polish women. Hence, the proposed research is the first study where this type of mobilisation is analysed from national, comparative, and transnational perspectives

The research will be conducted in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Sweden and will be supplemented by netnography and an investigation of the nature of global transnational abortion networks. The project utilizes a qualitative mixed-methods approach as individual interviews, observations (incl. shadowing) and netnography will be conducted. The theoretical framework consists of theories and concepts developed within gender studies and social movements studies, and the investigation is framed by an intersectional approach.

PI: Katarzyna Wojnicka
Eva Karlberg