Dissertation project: Menstrual mess - about menstruation, dirt, and cleanliness

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The dissertation is about examining everyday menstrual practices, especially in domestic batrooms, related to cleanliness and dirtiness. By examining these everyday, often invisible and unthought, practices, she hopes to make visible problems, as well as to speculate on solutions to them. The dissertation is based in sociology with a focus on science and technology studies (STS) and strives to include objects and technolgies in the understanding of how a social phenomenon, or a practice, comes into being. How does menstruation become dirty? What do we do when we clean menstruation? How are cleanliness-practices around menstruation conditioned? How are they justified? What imperatives are there? How are menstrual cleanliness practices experienced? What menstruality comes into being through these cleanliness practices? (What menstruality?