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Russell Turner


Institutionen för socialt
Sprängkullsgatan 25
41123 Göteborg
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

Om Russell Turner


Overview I am a PhD student at the Department of Social Work. My research looks at the development of alcohol and drug use and criminality during the teenage years. Prior to starting my PhD, I worked for around 15 years in various applied research roles within the public sector. These projects mainly looked at interventions and support for people with drug-use problems, people leaving a criminal lifestyle and/or young people leaving gangs.

Research My current studies are part of the LoRDIA project – Longitudinal Research on Development in Adolescence. LoRDIA is a partnership project between three departments: Social Work and Psychology, at the University of Gothenburg, and the School of Health & Welfare at Jönköping University. LoRDIA is a longitudinal quantitative project, which means we follow a large group of young people from age 11 up to age 18 using a range of psycho-social measures. My focus in the project is on investigating the development of alcohol and drug use and criminality. In particular, I am interested in what the different patterns of development are and what kinds of factors might explain these patterns. I will be looking at factors at a number of different levels, for example individual, family, friendship networks, school and local community factors. As well as my focus on youth substance use and crime, I am also interested in research methodology, both qualitative and quantitative, and the philosophy of science. An important aspect of this concerns improving the ways that research can link with practice.


Teaching I currently teach both at undergraduate and Masters level. I lecture on the following courses on the undergraduate Social Work programme: Drug Misuse and Addictions; Criminality; Research Methods & Philosophy of Science. I supervise undergraduate and Masters dissertations. I also teach on the Masters course in Qualitative Methods in Psychology and on the Quantitative Methods module for the Masters in Social Work.