Göteborgs universitet
Researcher working with herbarium specimen
Foto: Anna-Lena Lundqvist


GGBC researchers all work with biodiversity in some way. Research at the GGBC looks at both terrestrial and marine habitats, from the tropics to the arctic. Some of the key research themes among our members include: macroevolution, macroecology, phylogenetics, phylogenomics, conservation, software development, ecosystem services, biogeography and more.

A selection of major research projects and research groups led by GGBC members


Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, GU

Tropical montane forests in a warming world Johan Uddling Fredin

Mycology – taxonomy, systematics, ecology and evolution of fungi Ellen Larsson and Henrik Nilsson

The past, present, and future of biodiversity (BIODIV) Christine Bacon

Bistånd till Nordiska bin - a unique resource for future ecosystem services Åslög Dahl, Mats Niklasson

What would the world be like without humans? Søren Faurby

Biodiversity in the Anthropocene  Søren Faurby

Causes and consequences of variable selection for biodiversity Luc Bussière

Avian evolution and systematics (AVES) Urban Olsson

Predatorer och biodiversitet som biologisk bekämpning av invasiv svartmunnad smörbult Leon Green

Truffles in Sweden Ellen Larsson

Saline farming - molecular breeding of salt tolerant wheat Henrik Aronsson


Department of Marine Sciences, GU

DeepCCZ – Biodiversity of Poorly Known Deep-sea Areas Targeted for Seafloor Mining Thomas Dahlgren 

SWEDNA - Swedish eDNA lab Matthias Obst


Department of Earth Sciences, GU


Alpine and Polar Ecology at the University of Gothenburg (APE@GU) Robert Björk

A handbook that shows how we can best remediate organogenic soil from high greenhouse gas emissions to sinks Åsa Kassimir


Department of Economy and Society, GU

Landscape and Planning Marie Stenseke and Andreas Skriver Hanssen


Division of Environmental Systems Analysis, Chalmers University

Beslutsstöd för samhällets kritiska flöden Ulrika Palme

Bio-LCA: Biodiversity indicators in life cycle assessments in forestry and agriculture Ulrika Palme, Emke Vrasdonk


IVL Swedish Research Institute

Life cycle analysis of forestry - Mistra Digital forest John Munthe, Eskil Mattson