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Pågående och avslutade doktorandprojekt länkade till GPCC, med länkar till avhandlingar.

Pågående doktorandprojekt länkade till GPCC

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Personcentrerad psykosvård

Sara Alsén

Personcentrerad vård via ett e-hälsostöd för behandling och rehabilitering av stressreaktioner och utmattningssyndrom

Elin Blanck

Evaluation of person-centred care at distance

Victoria Brattström

Acting and directing strategies in person-centred health care

Matilda Cederberg

Processorienterad och hälsoekonomisk utvärdering av personcentrerad vård via ett e-Hälsa stöd för behandling och rehabilitering av stressreaktioner och utmattningssyndrom

Nina Ekman 

Development and testing of an observation-based method to assess person-centeredness in health care 

Karin Haby

VIKTiga mammor - livsstilsintervention för gravida med BMI>30

Mikaela Hällström

STEPSTONES-DIAB- ett överföringsprogram för att förbereda unga med typ 1 diabetes för vuxenliv och vuxensjukvård

Amanda Jacobsen

Facilitering som stöd för en mer personcentrerad ambulanssjukvård

Åsa Nordin 

Very early supported discharge after Stroke from a person-centred perspective

Jonna Norman

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - an interventional randomized clinical trial of the effects on symptoms and signs, perceptions of health and wellbeing in persons with chronic heart failure

Alexander Olausson

The prerequisites and effects of opioid sparing person-centred care approach in patients undergoing obesity surgery 

Malin Rex

MAPPinG Suicide systematisk kartläggning av vård vid förhöjd suicidrisk.

Lena Rosenlund

Utveckling av en Rasch-analyserad frågebank för att mäta patienters upplevelse av personcentrerad vård

Ulrika Wallbing 

HOPE (Help Overcoming Pain Early) 

Angelica Wiljén 

Långvarigt sjuka barns rätt att komma till tal vid vård och behandling 

Avslutade doktorandprojekt länkade till GPCC med länk till avhandlingar

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Titel på avhandling (klicka för att läsa)

Susanne Ahlstedt Karlsson Designing, developing, and evaluating a person-centered support model for women with breast cancer treated with endocrine therapy  

Tariq Alharbi 

Implementation of person-centred care: Facilitators and Barriers

Annikki Arola

Capturing the experience of health among persons aging in a migration context - Health promotion interventions as means to enable health and occupations in daily life

Ulrika Bengtsson 

Self-management in hypertension care

Ida Björkman 

A gender perspective on irritable bowel syndrome, symptoms, experiences and the development of a person-centred support intervention

Cecilia Brain

Cognition, Adherence and Stigma in schizophrenia. The COAST study.

Lena Böhn

Food-related gastrointestinal symptoms, nutrient intake and dietary interventions in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

Louise Danielsson 

Moved by movement: A person-centered approach to physical therapy in the treatment of major depression

Karin Eriksson 

The supporting conversation partner in disordered communication

Caroline Feldthusen

Fatigue in persons with rheumatoid arthritis

Andreas Fors

Person-centred care and self-efficacy - Experiences, measures and effects after an event of acute coronary syndrome

Emma Forsgren

Person-centred care and communication disorders: Exploration and facilitation of conversational interaction involving people with acquired neurogenic communication disorders and health care providers

Ulla Fredriksson Larsson

Fatigue och återhämtning efter hjärtinfarkt

Helena Fridberg The complexities of implementing PCC in a real-world setting –A case study with seven embedded units

Pernilla Jonsson

Problematic medication use in headache - Epidemiology and qualitative aspects of medication overuse headache and non-adherence to prophylactic migraine treatment

Elvira Lange

Exercise in older adults with rheumatoid arthritis - a person-centred approach

Anette Larsson

Muscle strength and resistance exercise in women with fibromyalgia - a person-centered approach

Jeanette Lindberg

Patients as partners: assessment of patients' experiences, preferences, perceived capacities and needs of care and rehabilitation 

Karolina Linden

Women with type 1 diabetes during pregnancy and postpartum Well-being and diabetes management

Qarin Lood

Discovering the capabilities of ageing persons who are born abroad: crossing norms, moving health promotion forward

Doris Lydahl

Same and Different? Perspectives on the Introduction of person-Centred Care as Standard Healthcare

Annie Palstam

Aspects of work and health in women with Fibromyalgia

Laura Pirhonen

Health economic evaluations of person-centred care projects and development of new health economy methods

Mona Rafsten

Postural balance, anxiety and motor function after stroke, at a very early supported discharge with continued rehabilitation

Ramona Schenell

Att upprätthålla självbestämmande i palliativt skede på särskilt boende - en modell för att främja personcentrerad vård för äldre

Frida Smith

Patient Education Materials from a person-centred perspective - Coping and co-design in colorectal cancer care

Hilda Svensson

Finding ways forward with pain as a fellow traveller. Older women’s experience of living with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures and back pain

Sara Wallström

Health in relation to Takotsubo syndrome. Experiences, symptoms and utilization of health care

Karin Weman Josefsson

You don't have to love it - Exploring the mechanisms of exercise motivation using self-determination theory in a digital context. 

Filipa Ventura

Person-centred e-support - foundations for the development of nursing interventions in outpatient cancer care

Axel Wolf 

Person-centred care: Possibilities, barriers and effects in hospitalised patients