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University of Gothenburg

U-GOT KIES - Centre on knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems

The harbour of Gothenburg

The centre focuses the research on knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems and how they impact the prosperity of societies and create conditions for economic growth.

Facilitating innovation within and between companies and organizations

Innovation ecosystems can consist of both physical meeting places for different actors and of working methods that facilitate innovation within and between companies and organizations. Our conceptualization of knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems are based on different types of scientific, technical and creative knowledge and coordinate various actors from academia, business and public activities to drive knowledge-intensive innovations. Both Swedish and international researchers from different disciplines will collaborate with external actors to study how technology, society and economy interact.

U-GOT KIES has three overarching goals

  • Stimulate world-class research on knowledge-intensive innovation ecosystems
  • Influence the content of postgraduate education in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Contribute to societal development and have a broad dialogue with society about the connection between innovations, knowledge and positive societal development.