University of Gothenburg
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Our research

The research at the Department of Law encompasses a wide range of socially and scientifically relevant legal areas and themes. It is characterized by curiosity, theoretical and methodological reflection, being multi- and transdisciplinary and socially relevant.

The department's research strategy corresponds to two different tasks, both of which have a strong foundation in the department. One of the tasks corresponds to education and is about being able to offer a law program of very high quality. The second task corresponds to a broader context and is about developing legal scholarly knowledge of high relevance. The research contributes to knowledge of the major societal challenges of our time, such as globalization, inequality, changes in climate, economy, demographics, conditions of democracy, and the role of science and knowledge. The research has a broad approach and is based on a variety of knowledge areas. The department has long experience of research and education collaborations in various multi- and transdisciplinary research centers, and this is an experience we take advantage of and develop further.

The department's research is organized into seven education-driven groups and a number of societal challenge-driven groups. The groups form the basis for the department's strategic priorities. Within the framework of this organization, the department strives to build complete research and teaching environments. The groups enable the department to further develop and maintain relevant research for the law program and other legal education, as well as for the academy and for the society.

Education-driven groups

The research activities at the legal department are based on the central disciplinary building blocks that form the basis of a complete law degree. This means that the department strives to maintain and strengthen the design of research environments in the areas on which the undergraduate education is based:

It is the institution's goal that in all these areas of law there should be a strong research environment consisting of senior researchers (one or more professors, as well as one or more lecturers) who ensure that the education is based on solid and research-related forensic science knowledge.

Societal challenge-driven groups

The Department of Law further develops and strengthens its already remarkably strong involvement in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects of great social relevance through a number of different research groups. The department has so far identified three such, where within the department there is strong existing internationally relevant research, great multidisciplinary potential and also opportunities to actively integrate with actors in the surrounding community.