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Man och kvinna i skog
EfD:s forskning handlar bland annat om skogsförvaltning, ekosystem och prissättning av koldioxidutsläpp. Här studeras kaffeplantager i Costa Rica.
Photo: EfD

Our research

The research conducted within the frame of EfD focuses on applying economic tools to contribute to better policies for sustainable development in the Global South. This frame encompasses a great variety of specialities.

EfD’s research fund was established to give researchers in the Global South opportunities to carry out high-quality research within areas that are of great importance locally. EfD’s research process includes continuous feedback and support to the research projects. One fundamental purpose is also to promote a continuous dialogue with policy actors and decision makers on all levels, from government to single households, to encourage evidence-based policy making and consequently improving policy effectiveness.

Over the past decade we have seen an increasing dominance of teams, rather than individuals in research. EfD has therefore built collaborative programs with particular focus on South-South interaction.

EfD’s collaborative program research themes include sustainable energy, forest management, valuation of ecosystem services for inclusion in national accounts, emission pricing, sustainable management of coastal marine resources, and a capacity building program for women in environmental economics in the Global South

Photo: Mattias Sauter Morera