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Centre for Regional Analysis

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Centre for Regional Analysis (CRA) is an interdisciplinary research centre focusing on regional economic transformation and growth.

Research on regional economies is also developing fast, and creates a better understanding these trends. Evolutionary economic geography has given us new theories and tools, but also emphasized the importance of historical understanding, in order to better analyze the regions' conditions for competitiveness. An ever-increasing research literature studies the importance of individuals' skills and competences for regional economic development - and how that significance can be measured. An increasing number of contributions are trying to create ways to analyze the future regional labor markets, such as the importance of a new and expanded automation wave for regional growth and transformation.

The Center for Regional Analysis (CRA) is a collaboration between the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland region, which brings together researchers with knowledge and interest in these issues and other important issues for regional transformation and growth. We also work for a closer dialogue between research on regional economic conditions and practical applications, for example in the area of regional policy. We are contributing by publishing new research results, giving lectures, seminars and teaching (e.g. through economic geography courses), and participation in podcasts.

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