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We live in transformative times. At Centre for Consumption Research researchers are interested in how we are affected by consumption, and how consumption is affected by us.

Centre for Consumption Research, CCR, was established in 2001 and is the biggest research centre in Sweden operating in the field of consumption research. The CCR is a meeting place for researchers from different disciplines. A deeper, more balanced understanding of consumption can be achieved by working together in interdisciplinary teams.
CCR strives for research on consumption which not only bridges the disciplinary boundaries but also boundaries between production and consumption; market and consumer; culture and economy.
The research is based on the idea that consumption is generated in complex processes with a multitude of interacting actors: consumers, marketers, retailers, manufacturers, and not least the goods themselves. These processes are also in constant motion which makes consumption emerge as circulation, flows, transformation and power struggles. The research is characterized by closeness to consumers or phenomena that we are studying.
The research projects are often run in cooperation with researchers at other universities in Sweden, the Nordic countries or Europe.

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