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What is it like to work here? Could this be the place for your international experience? We asked three international employees why they choose the Institute of Medicine.

Bright Nwaru.
Photo: Malin Arnesson

Bright Nwaru

Senior Lecturer at Krefting Research Centre, Department of Internal Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.

Hello Bright, tell us about your background and your current position!
– I was born in Nigeria and I have studied and worked in Europe for the last 18 years, since 2017 in Sweden. I conduct asthma and allergy research at Krefting Research Centre within the framework of the Wallenberg Centre for Molecular and Translational Medicine (WCMTM).

What is unique about working here? 
– The Institute of Medicine conducts a wide range of research - from diabetes, pulmonary medicine to global public health - and it has a robust platform for research collaborations. Also, as a researcher at Krefting Research Centre, you have the whole spectrum of scientific investigation into asthma and allergy in one place; from animal models to clinical and population-based studies. It is a great opportunity to interact with other researchers using different approaches than you!

Has this international experience contributed to your career development? 
– It has really helped me. Sweden is a country where excellence in science is held high and widely promoted. My time here has inspired me in so many ways, for instance how the industry and the academia work together and how they ensure that our research findings benefit society.

What would you like to say to fellow researchers who are considering moving to Sweden and our Institute to work? 
– I love it here, it’s a great place for both living and working! There are good services for researchers to help you with your applications and funding. And as a researcher at Krefting Research Centre you have a big advantage – Krefting Foundation’s major financial support to the centre.

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Angela Molinaro
Photo: Privat

Angela Molinaro

PostDoc, who did her PhD studies at the Department of Molecular och Clinical Medicine.

Hello Angela, tell us about your background and your current position!
– I was born in Italy and studied Medical Biotechnologies in Rome. I did my PhD at the Institute of Medicine and I’m currently a PostDoc at the Department of Laboratory Medicine and working at Wallenberg Laboratory.

What is it like to work here? 
– The infrastructure is one of nicest and well updated I have worked in. The unions are also very efficient in helping the workers in case of any problems. There are good benefits for families, such as paternity or maternity leave, sick leave and the possibility to work from home. 

– It is a very international environment and even outside work all Swedish people speak English quite well so it is possible to communicate easily.

Was there anything that surprised you when you first started here?
– I started as a PhD student so I had to do all the courses and complete the credits required,  which was not easy but the PhD students are well supported by the University. In addition, the financial compensation as PhD and PostDoc has allowed me to conduct a comfortable lifestyle without problems.

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Professor Nawi Ng
Photo: Karin Allander

Nawi Ng

Professor in Global Health, School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Hello Nawi, please tell us a bit about your background!
– I was born in Indonesia and studied to become a qualified medical doctor at Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia. I am also an epidemiologist and public health enthusiast trained at Umeå University in Sweden, where I achieved my Master of Public Health and PhD in Epidemiology and Public Health. 

Do you have any advice to fellow researchers contemplating moving to Sweden and our Institute to work?
– It will be helpful to establish a good connection with researchers at the Institute in order to get information about work and life in Sweden and at the Institute. It's a good idea to contact the International Office at Sahlgrenska Academy to get more information about the practical details about moving and living in Sweden.

Three reasons: Why choose the Institute of Medicine?

  • High volume of scientific seminars and workshops that provide ample opportunities to further develop research and pedagogical capacity. 
  • High quality education and research training provided by excellent researchers and teachers, supported by well-established infrastructure. 
  • Wide range of established research groups in different fields that opens the opportunity for cross-discipline collaboration between basis, clinical and public health sciences.

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