Marcus Lind

About Marcus Lind

Marcus Lind presented his thesis in year 2009 at the University of Gothenburg focusing on evaluating effects of modern insulin analogues and HbA1c as a risk factor for diabetic complications. During his post-doc period he performed work at the Mid-America Heart Institute, Missouri University, US. Besides his research he has worked clinical as chief physician of Diabetology at the NU (NÄL and Uddevalla)-Hospital Group. He became Associate Professor of Diabetology year 2014 at the University of Gothenburg. He has performed essential research both in the epidemiologic field and clinical randomized trials which have been presented in New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, JAMA and British Medical Journal. He has been in charge of over 40 studies.

Honors and Awards:

  • Price for good scientific methodology and presentation at the "National meeting for physicians in Sweden in 2006"
  • Price as the “Diabetologist of the year” in Sweden in 2009 for research of metabolic memory and diabetic complications in the DCCT study.
  • Price for best diabetic publication in Sweden in 2011 regarding Heart Failure in Persons with Type 1 Diabetes. (Lind. M., Lancet, June, 2011).
  • Awarded the Eric K. Fernström Prize for young, highly promising and successful researchers in 2019.

Main research

Dr Marcus Lind focuses on clinical diabetes research. His research performs epidemiologic studies and clinical trials in the field of diabetes.

The research is focused on improving prognosis and evaluating suitable treatments to reduce the risk of complications for type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Dr Lind performs research evaluating which risk factors are associated with a lower mortality and risks of complications on the retina, kidneys, nerves and cardiovascular system. His group also focuses on understanding what persons are at risk for acute complications from diabetes. These studies are often of epidemiologic origin. As a complement the research group perform prospective studies and clinical trials to try to improve treatments in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Essential fields are:

  • Screening studies to earlier detect complications
  • Diabetes Technology – e.g. of continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pumps
  • Psychologic interventions
  • Diet interventions
  • Glucose-lowering drugs in persons with type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Group members

Dr Lind is responsible for a Diabetes Clinical Research Unit at the Uddevalla Hospital. Which performs clinical randomized trials.

PhD Students:

  • Viktorija Anägnen Matuleviciene, Chief Physician at the Emergency Department of the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Daniel Vestberg, Specialist Internal Medicine, NU-Hospital Group, Trollhättan and Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Mauro Tancredi, Chief Physician of Endocrinology NU-Hospital Group, Trollhättan and Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Elsa Ahlén, MD, Värnamo Hospital and the NU-Hospital Group, Värnamo and Uddevalla, Sweden

Research Nurses, study coordinators and junior researchers:

  • Arndís Ólafsdóttir, Diabetes nurse, junior researcher, NU-Hospital Group, Trollhättan and Uddevalla, Sweden
  • Sheyda Sofizadeh, Diabetes and District nurse, junior researcher, Dalaberg Primary Care Centre and NU-Hospital Group, Uddevalla Sweden
  • Sofia Isaksson, Dietitian and junior researcher, NU-Hospital Group, Uddevalla, Sweden

Research assistant:

  • Sofia Dahlqvist, NU-Hospital Group, Uddevalla, Sweden

Medical Doctors assisting in clinical trials:

  • Bo Grände, NU-Hospital Group, Trollhättan and Uddevalla
  • Thomas Eriksson, NU-Hospital Group, Trollhättan and Uddevalla

The group has built up a network of collaborations with data managers, monitors, logistics for laboratory handling, drug logistics and experienced statisticians for performing multicentre randomized clinical trials and epidemiologic studies. These are crucial close collaborators to the group for performing the research work.

Key Publications