Hans Carlsten


Department of Rheumatology and Inflammation
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Guldhedsgatan 10A
413 46 Göteborg
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About Hans Carlsten

Hans Carlsten (born 1954) has in several earlier studies established that estrogen exerts a dichotomous effect on the immune system.

His group was the first to demonstrate that estrogen- and testosterone-mediated suppression of T-cell-dependent inflammation is inherited as dominant traits. Using ER knock-out mice, they mapped the roles of ERα and ERβ in estrogen-mediated effects on the development and regulation of the immune system and on immune responsiveness. In murine models of autoimmune rheumatic diseases they revealed that physiological doses of estrogen accelerate SLE and ameliorate RA.

Main topic is to explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which estrogen downregulates arthritis and preserves bone loss during systemic inflammation. In clinical studies of postmenopausal RA patients, Dr. Carlsten and coworkers have established that HRT has beneficial effects not only on bone mineral density but also on disease activity and erosivity in joints. Since long-term use of HRT has been associated with increased risk of breast cancer, thrombosis, and possibly also stroke, they have focused on the possible use of selective estrogen receptor modulators for treatment of arthritis.

Recently, they demonstrated that the selective estrogen receptor modifier raloxifene reduces joint destruction and bone loss triggered by arthritis and inflammation. In a review article (“Immune responses and bone loss: the estrogen connection” Immunological Reviews 2005) Dr Carlsten has summerized his scientific achievements.

For his translational scientific work he was awarded the Nanna Svartz price in 2009.

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