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Photo: Malin Arnesson

Our research

What causes rheumatism? Why does rheumatoid arthritis affect women more often than men? At the Department of Rheumatology and Inflammation Research, we are looking for answers to some of the biggest public diseases. Here you can read more about our research.

Our main focus is inflammation. We investigate everything from rheumatic and other autoimmune causes to allergic and infection-induced causes. The goal is to investigate the mechanisms behind the body's tissues becoming inflamed. Our business ranges from basic research with in vitro and in vivo models to treatment and rehabilitation ('bench to bedside').

Join us

Are you ready to move on to the next stage of your career? Develop your skills in one of our outstanding research environments. At the Institute of Medicine, we conduct preclinical research in a laboratory environment, clinical research and studies at the population level.

We work closely with healthcare providers and have a large international network of collaborators. The Sahlgrenska Academy Core Facilities also provide access to advanced technical infrastructure and expertise for every researcher. 
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