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Our vision is to contribute to better health for all and reduce health disparities locally and globally through research, education, and collaboration. We aim to achieve this by encouraging a diversity of research areas, perspectives, and methods, integrating practice-based and theoretical knowledge, and fostering broad, innovative collaborations for research and education.

Our operations are based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goal of good health, which is a fundamental prerequisite for people to reach their full potential and contribute to societal development. People’s health is influenced by economic, ecological, and social factors, and encompasses all dimensions and people of all ages.

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We are located at Medicinareberget in Göteborg at Medicinaregatan 16 AMedicinaregatan 18 A and at  Hälsovetarbacken, house 7

Map over Medicinareberget (pdf)


Our staff

  • We are more than 180 employees, working as researchers, teachers, PhD students and administrative staff.
  • The administrative staff are all part of the administrative unit at the Institute of Medicine.

Postal and visiting addresses to our units


Visiting address:
Medicinaregatan 18 A
413 90 Göteborg

Postal address: 
Avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa
Box 463
405 30 Göteborg

Delivery address:
Medicinaregatan 18 A 
413 90 Göteborg