Anna Rudin

Deputy Head of Department

Institute of Medicine
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 3, plan 5
41390 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 428
40530 Göteborg

Professor/ Chief Physician

Institute of Medicine

About Anna Rudin

Professor in Inflammation Research, Deputy Head of the Institute of Medicine. Anna has a combined position at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital as university senior consultant in rheumatology. As representative for the Sahlgrenska Academy she is member of the management group at Sahlgrenska University Hospital.


Anna conducts both clinical and translational research on rheumatoid arthritis, focusing on immunological causes of disease development and expression, as well as biomarkers for treatment effect. The material for this research derives from an investigator-initiated Nordic multicenter randomized four-armed treatment study NORD-STAR with 800 included patients, as well as from our local SYN-BIO study where we collect ultra-sound guided synovial biopsies from inflamed joints, synovial fluid and blood, including from controls without inflammatory disease.

Anna has started a specialized outpatient clinic for patients with rheumatologic adverse events from treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors for cancer, and follows these patients in an observational study. In the group with malignant melanoma she investigates if markers on T-cells may associated to rheumatologic adverse events and effect of treatment of these.

She has also initiated a Swedish multicenter prospective observational study of pregnancy in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and the association of immunological factors to complications during pregnancy. Previously she has performed research on immunological factors associated to development of allergic disease in a prospective birth cohort followed up to eight years of age, and has access to immunological and clinical data as well as data on bacterial colonization of the gut, including a biobank with plasma and cells.


  • Previous main supervisor of eight graduated PhD students and four post docs
  • Present co-supervisor of four PhD students and main supervisor of one post doc and one pre-PhD student.


  • MD University of Gothenburg 1985
  • Licensed physician 1990
  • PhD in microbiology and immunology University of Gothenburg 1996
  • Post doc at Telethon Institute of Child Health research, Perth, Australia 1999
  • Associate professor in immunology 2001
  • Consultant in rheumatology 2009
  • Adjunct professor in inflammation research 2010
  • Senior consultant in rheumatology 2014
  • Professor in inflammation research University of Gothenburg 2014
  • University senior consultant in rheumatology Sahlgrenska University Hospital 2019