Facts and figures

The University of Gothenburg is one of Sweden's largest educational institutions with extensive offerings in both education and research. The University was founded in 1891 and has more than 53,000 students and 6,700 employees. In our annual report, we present the year in facts and figures.

2023 in facts

The University of Gothenburg has made a strong contribution on difficult issues while standing up for the values of academic freedom. As one of Sweden’s largest and broadest higher education institu- tions, with world-leading research and education, dedicated staff and enthusiastic students, we have taken important steps towards being a university for the world.

You can read more about some of this year's efforts aimed at achieving the vision as well as the goals and strategies for 2021–2024.

2023 in figures

Undergraduate and graduate education

  • 53 624 students (67% women, 33% men)
  • 28 462 full-time students
  • 7 150 degrees

Doctoral studies

  • 2 002 doctoral students (60% women, 40% men)
  • 266 degrees

Research grants

  • 2 205 million SEK (87% national, 13% international)


  • 6 707 employees (60% women, 40% men)
  • 5 590 full-time employees


  • 7 810 million SEK (62% research, 38% education)

The University of Gothenburg's annual reports

Read more about the University's results in the annual report, which is decided upon by the University's board and submitted to the government no later than February 22 each year.