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Institutionen för medicin, Medicinareberget
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About us

Welcome to the Institute of Medicine, a major hub of health and medical research and education in Sweden. Our research covers broad areas of knowledge in medicine and health sciences. With nearly 300 doctoral students and 470 employees, the Institute of Medicine is the largest department at the University of Gothenburg.

Our research and education - from molecule to society - involve close cooperation with health care providers. We work to develop knowledge of the most common illnesses and conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, asthma and diabetes. We train the dieticians, doctors and public health experts of the future. Our study programmes are characterised by clear links between research and teaching, with modern and student-oriented forms of instruction. Besides education in the first, second and third cycles respectively), we also offer commissioned courses that provide cutting-edge expertise in areas such as cardiac care, internal medicine and R&D methodology. Our research spans a broad spectrum — from molecule to society. Scientists at the Institute of Medicine work in a strong and internationally competitive environment for research in translational, clinical and community medicine. Health care providers are our primary partners, and we actively promote practical application of our research results in clinical activities and society at large.

Our business in numbers

Our employees

  • About 470 employees
  • Around 1400 people are affiliated with the Institute of Medicine
  • 84 professors (including adjunct, guest and senior professors)

Our research

  • 288,2 million SEK in external research grants 2022
  • 1128 scientific publications in 2022
  • 36 dissertations in 2022

Our education

  • 822 students
  • 280 PhD students
  • We offer 3 programmes at both basic and advanced level, as well as a range of freestanding courses. We also provide courses in the majority of other study programmes at Sahlgrenska Academy.
Photo: Malin Arnesson

Our vision

Research and teaching excellence in medicine and public health sciences, and close cooperation with health care