Natàlia Corcoll Cornet


Inst f biol o miljövet -
Carl Skottsbergs gata 22B
143 19 Göteborg
Box 461
405 30 Göteborg

Om Natàlia Corcoll Cornet

Research Area

I do research in ecotoxicology and ecological impact assessment in aquatic ecosystems. My research focuses on developing new tools and approaches for ecological and chemical risk assessment that can be applied in biomonitoring programs and to improve the current water quality legislations. I am also interested in understanding the mechanisms of tolerance development to chemical toxicity in algae (evolutionary toxicology) and microbial biodegradation. Assessing the impact of multiple stressors on microbial communities is another important work in my research.

In my group, we mainly use algae and benthic microbial communities (so-called aquatic biofilms) as biological models. They are considered important sources of food, oxygen production and are fundamental for biochemical cycles in rivers and coastal areas. Our research is primarily a collection of field and lab-based data that seek to find relationships between chemical pollution, among other environmental stressors and structural, physiological, and molecular responses of microbial communities. In collaboration with bioinformaticians, we recently started to apply genomic tools (eg. DNA metabarcoding, metagenomics, RNA-seq) to better understand toxicity mechanisms, effects, and adaptative responses at molecular, species, and community levels.

Brief CV

2020-present. Senior lecturer in Environmental Sciences with a focus on Ecotoxicology, Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Univ of Gothenburg.

2019. Docent (Associate Professor) in ecotoxicology, Univ of Gothenburg

2016-2020. Forskarassistent (Assistant Professor) funded by FORMAS. Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Univ of Gothenburg

2014-2015. Postdoctoral researcher, Dept of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Univ of Gothenburg

2012-2014. Postdoctoral researcher. Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA), Spain

2012. PhD in Biological Sciences. Institute of Aquatic Ecology, Univ of Girona, Spain.

2008. MSc in Fundamental and Applied Ecology. Univ of Barcelona & Univ of Girona, Spain

2006. BSc in Biology, Univ of Girona, Spain


Supervision of graduate students as main advisor: Daniela Gómez Martínez (PhD 2020 - ), Astrid Schleeh (2022 - ), Mary Alex (2021 - ), Max Karlsson (MSc 2019), Anton Sandblom (MSc 2019), Andreas Håkansson (MSc 2017), Albert Serra Compte (MSc 2015).


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  • Master students and undergraduates are welcome to contact me for an internship/research project.
  • Welcome to join our group as independent postdoctoral and apply jointly for funding (e.g. Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship)