Joanna Giota


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Om Joanna Giota


Joanna Giota holds a PhD in education since 2001. Since 2002 she has a permanent position as a senior lecturer at the department of education, University of Gothenburg, in Sweden. She became an associate professor in 2006 and a professor in 2014. She has been working within different research and evaluation projects at the University of Gothenburg since 1989. Her main research interest concerns children's and adolescents' motivation to learn in school, self-beliefs, well-being and mental health in relation to achievement. She is also interested in factors at different levels, such as special education support and teaching quality, curricula and school reforms, enhancing or restraining children's and adolescents' growth and development in school and out of school and over time. Most of her studies are based on data collected within The Gothenburg Educational Longitudinal Database and the Evaluation Through Follow Up Project (UGU). Since its start in the 1960s' UGU has collected data from 10 nationally representative student cohorts, their parents and teachers. Her research studies are of importance for school development, teacher education and policy making. She has been the leader of several research projects, among others the current one (IMP) on effects of Individualized teaching practices on student motivation and achievement over a period of 40 years. Her teaching interests as well as concerning student supervision are within the areas of student motivation, self-perceptions, well-being, mental health, achievement, assessment, teacher competence, special education support and teaching quality.