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Charlott Sellberg


Inst tillämpad IT, avd för lärande, kommunikation och
Forskningsgången 6
41756 Göteborg
41296 Göteborg

Om Charlott Sellberg

I have a multidiciplinary background in Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction and Education. My main interests are oriented towards topics related to the use of digital technologies in education, interaction between humans and the tools they use, as well as towards theories of learning and qualitative research methods.

I am currently working on a 2 year post doc project funded by FORTE: Assessment of professional performance: Maritime technologies, knowledge and educational practices in transformation. It is about the use of simulators in maritime training and certification, which is an example of how the introduction of high-end technologies and international standards for training creates new challenges for educators. The main focus is on the instructors’ work in simulated environments in terms of how elements in the social and material context are used as resources for assessment of professional performance. The overall aim is to contribute with empirically grounded knowledge regarding the use of simulators for maritime assessment that have the potential to develop the educational practices in simulator-based learning environments.

The project Safety training of onboard personnel for Resilience is a collaboration between Linneus University and University of Gothenburg, funded by Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation for 2 years. Together with Carl Hult, Gesa Praetorius and Martin Viktorelius I am investigating how various departments onboard train for safety and preparedness, how training needs are defined and how training outcomes are assessed with the overall aim to advance safety training practices.

My teaching is mainly taking place within our 1 year master programme Learning, Communication and Information Technology and the 2 years international masters programme Information Technology and Learning. I am also guest lecturer at World Maritime University and University of South Eastern Norway.

I am currently Guest Editor for a Special Issue in the MDPI journal Education Sciences: Emerging Issues in Maritime Education and Training