Ann-Katrin Svärd


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Om Ann-Katrin Svärd

Research My research is in the field of literacy and inclusive education. My doctoral thesis is a Grounded Theory study about how some skilled teachers in different contexts work to ensure students' literacy. I am affiliated to the research environment CHILD at Jönköping University, ECE (Early Childhood Education) at the University of Gävle and a member of PRIS (Platform for Research on Inclusive Education and School development) at University of Gothenburg. The last year I have done smaller research studies and being involved in some project. The Regional Library in Jönköping financed a project about toddlers and their families interest for early literacy; From thoughts to action, another one was a project about collaboration between teachers and librarian with the aim to investigate if their activities would increase boys reading; Boys Reading. A single case retrospective study about how one young woman with autism and intellectual disability improved her communication by using Ipad as a communication tool. A study was done 2016 about what experiences preschool teacher students have about degrading treatment. 2017-2018 we are collecting data for a comparative study about how 4-5-years children in Sweden and Turkey perceive and express themselfes about friendship and another one about how the same sample of children perceive and express themselves about technology. 2019 Our international partnership-project; Learning Community for Peace, with Actions research together with one F-6 school was finished. 

  Biography I have 30 years experience as a teacher/teacher in inclusive and special education in preschool and school. Over the years, I continued to specialize and work with students that had difficulty with reading and writing, and students who had different neuropsychiatric disorders, mostly autism spectrum. After the Master's degree in Special Education at Karlstad University I had a position as lecturer in Special Education at the University of Gävle 1999. Continue to study and 2008 I graduated as a PhD in Special Education at Stockholm University and some years after I had a position as assistant professor at Jönköping University. 2014 Different position as ass.prof at Department of Education, University of West and Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies and Department of Education and Special Education. International International Affairs and Projects have been important for me and I have worked with different project like public health, a Linnaeus-Palme project together with Cuba, and programmes with many other countries within Erasmus; Inclusive education, A society for all and Ethical values in connection to teacher in inclusive education. One ongoing project together with schools and other countries is about Learning Community for Peace. One assignment the last year has been as an extern examinator for doctoral thesis at University of Kwazu-Natal, College of Humanities, Ashwood, and at Pretoria University Early Childhood Education and Reviewer for for different Journals. In 2016, I was asked to create a course for PhD students at Hacettepe university in Ankara. From this time and ongoing I have developed and taught in this course and also one in master from 2018. Before I was asked to create and come and worked with these courses we had collaborate in other ways. My different research has been presented at different international conferences and articles has been written. Some published and some submitted.   Daily work Is about teaching teacher students at different levels and in diferent courses and programmes, supervise and examining. In collaboration with National Agency of Education I was the project manager of two literacy modules in what is called "Läslyftet" during 2015-2016 and a new one 2018. These literacy modules aims to improve literacy competence among teacher in Sweden. I have also been a member of the programme board for preschool teacher etc.