University of Gothenburg

Section Marketing

We offer marketing courses on all levels and do research within different areas within marketing.

We understand marketing holistically as the nexus of consumption, markets, and society. We like to contribute to the debate on sustainable development and the all marketing challenges facing our consumption and welfare in an international perspective. To us, marketing is the art and science of creating sustainable value for firms, consumers, and society.

The research at our section revolves around a range of empirical focus areas including tourism, retailing, financial services, and cultural industries.

Educationally, we offer marketing courses on Basic, Bachelor, Master and PH. D levels. We are also responsible for the program Marketing and Consumption.


Head of Section
Benjamin Hartmann
+46 31 786 1550

Administrative Coordinator
Sofia Johanson 

Visiting address: Vasagatan 1

Postal adress: Department of Business Administration
PO Box 610, 405 30 Gothenburg , Sweden

Faculty and Staff

Name Titel
Andersson, Tommy D Senior professor
Armbrecht, John Senior lecturer, associate professor
Bankel, Robin Post Doc
Dagalp, Ileyha Doctoral student
Dam, Christian Doctoral student
Hagberg, Johan Professor
Hansson, Lena Senior lecturer
Hartmann, Benjamin Professor
Hauff, Jeanette Senior lecturer
Holmberg, Ulrika Senior lecturer
Jernsand, Eva Maria Researcher
Johanson, Sofia Administrative Coordinator 
Lundberg, Erik Senior lecturer
Mossberg, Lena Professor
Nilsson, Jonas Senior lecturer, associate professor
Ossiansson, Eva Senior lecturer
Rawls, Misty Doctoral student
Solér, Cecilia Senior lecturer, associate professor
Stigzelius, Ingrid Universitetslektor, biträdande
Waldensjö, Christina Lecturer
Winell, Erik Doctoral student
Zackariasson, Peter Senior lecturer, associate professor
Öberg, Martin Senior lecturer