University of Gothenburg


We understand marketing holistically as the nexus of consumption, markets, and society. To us, marketing is the art and science of creating sustainable value for firms, consumers, and society.

Our section holds a strong tradition in researching consumption as a plattform for understanding market and societal implications by mobilizing various theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. Yet, increasingly, we explore market formation as well as cultural and societal dynamics shaping consumption and market(ing) phenomena.

The research at our section revolves around a range of empirical focus areas including tourism, retailing, financial services, and cultural industries. We are keeping a global outlook and collaborate widely, both nationally and internationally and across disciplines with the aim to stimulate and maintain an international research environment within the field of marketing.

Researchers at the Section of marketing have published a significant number of books, scientific articles, etc., over the years.

Examples of projects

Changing foodscapes: Elderly consumers' entry into the digitized food market

Retail shopping and the last mile transport: past, present and future transformations