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Bitlab is a part of Business Administration that supports education focusing on digitalization as well as being a meeting point for industry partners and universities.

Bitlab is involved in courses held at the School of Business, Economics and Law where the students are exploring different business systems in the form of exercises, cases and simulations. Bitlab is also working with a wide variety of industry partners.

Bitlab runs the University Network SANTE Academy (Scandinavian Academic Network for Teaching Enterprise systems). SANTE Academy is making it possible for students and teachers from other universities to access systems and curricula from our archive.

Bitlab is also running an advanced server farm that functions as a technical hub for education.

Bitlab (Business IT Lab) was previously known as the Centre for Business Solutions and started as a strategic initiative on the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg.


School of Business, Economics and Law, Gothenburg University

Vasagatan 1 P O Box 115, 405 30 Gothenburg


Viktor Elliot,, 031-786 1483

Mari Paananen,, 031-786 3063

Bitlab in programs and courses

Bitlab are involved in the following programs and courses:

Excel courses

EKF102 Financial Accounting

EKF103 Management Accounting

EKF106 Applied Business Administration

EKF201 Industrial and Financial Management

FEK210 Digitalization and Management

FEK3L2 Operations Management

Excel courses

FEK220 Logistics and Information Systems

FEK3L2 Operations Management

FEK103 Business Administration, Financial Accounting

GM1402 Perspectives on Accounting and Financial Management

GM1403 Management Accounting, Strategy and Control

GM1406 Research in Accounting and Financial Management

GM1410 Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Valuation

GM1412 Controlling, Innovation and Digitalisation

GM1413 Advanced Data Analysis

GM0517 Supply Chain Management

GM0522 Logistics Information Systems

TIG162 Business Systems

University West

PVU201 – Processbaserad verksamhetsutveckling

VIA120 – Verksamheternas Informationssystem

Kurs TSY200 – Tillämpad systemanpassning

EXT 201 – Externredovisning I

BRA101 – Beskattningsrätt, beskattning av fysiska personer

BRA102 – Beskattningsrätt, beskattning av näringsverksamhet

Umeå University

Fek B - IBP English 095/095 med flera moment (Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship)


SM/HL, FEK C för Logistik

Halmstad University

IK2056/Informationssystem och verksamheter 7,5 hp (Affärssystemprogrammet år1)

IK4029/Kognition och användbarhet 7,5 hp (Affärssystemprogrammet år2),

IK4045/Verksamhetsprojekt 7,5 hp

Business Intelligence 7,5 hp

IK4042/Systemintegration och programmering 7,5 hp

IK4040/Verksamhetsutveckling och affärssystem 15 hp

IK2021/Affärssystem - en helhetsbild 7,5 hp

IK2023/Affärssystem - affärsvärde genom förändringsarbete 7,5 hp

Internationella marknadsföringsprogrammet år3 IK2045/

Informationssystem och marknadsföring i nya media, 7,5 hp

Bitlab in Trade and Industry

Bitlab are working closely together with many companies in the trade and industry.

Cooperations with universities

Bitlab are responsible for SANTE Academy which is a cooperation between universities for the use of business software in academic teaching and research.

SANTE stands for Scandinavian Academic Network for Teaching Enterprise Systems.

SANTE gives students the ability to work with different types of business systems like ERP-systems, accounting systems and Business Intelligence systems without the need to install these systems on their hardware.

Through this, students are getting useful practise with real business systems.

The server farm

Bitlab runs a virtual cluster on a server farm that acts as a hub for education.

The server farm consists of servers running Microsoft Hyper-V that can virtualize multiple installations on the same cluster, for example ERP-systems that can handle a large amount of students.

The installations have accounts and configured datasets that are suited for exercises for member universities in SANTE Academy. In these installations students, teachers and researchers can test out the systems and work freely.

It is also possible to build specialized IT-solutions in the virtual cluster.



Workshop on research using NLP for text analysis 23 June 2022:

Organised by the research cluster AI and Algorithm driven Research.

Speakers: Niclas Fock, head of Talent Programs AI Sweden, Lilit Axner, Director of the EuroCC National Competence Center Sweden, Erik Engberg, Chief Partnership Officer Gavagai, Åsa Löfgren, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, and Imelda Taraj, Doctoral student Business.

Workshop on AI and algorithm driven research 5 February 2021:

On 5 February 2021 the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg organized the first interdisciplinary workshop on AI and algorithm driven research. The speakers Marcin Zamojski, Mattias Sundén, Andreas Dzemski, Emmeli Runesson, Dr Matilda Arvidsson, Miroslaw Staron did a brilliant job of introducing participants to planned and ongoing research using AI and algorithms here at the business school.

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Business IT Lab

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Director: Mari Paananen, senior lecturer, associate professor, accounting
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