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Management & Organisation

The research in the Management & Organisation Section is conducted in the fields of sustainability, human resource, new technologies, innovation and growth, and multinationals.

Research themes

Sustainability - Our research is primarily concerned with how firms develop sustainable strategies, that is the transformation towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Human Resources - Our research is primarily concerned with how human resource management is transformed in times of change.

New technologies - Our research is concerned with how new technologies create new opportunities and challenges in the everyday life of organizations and the blurred boundaries between human and non-human actors.

Innovation and growth - Our research is devoted to open innovation, clusters, entrepreneurship and strategic responses to the use of new technologies such as digitalization.

Multinationals - Our research in this is area is focused on the relationship between the headquarters and the subsidiaries and how this relationship differs due to the global structure chosen and strategy applied. Recent focus has been on emerging markets and the role played by subsidiaries in the multinationals' global networks.

Selected publications

Selected publications from the areas managing sustainability, human resource, new technologies and innovation and growth.

Organising grassroots infrastructure: The (in)visible work of organisational (in)completeness Link to article
María José Zapata Campos, Ester Barinaga, Jaan-Henrik Kain, Michael Oloko, Patrik Zapata
Urban Studies

Cross-sectoral collaboration in business model innovation for sustainable development: Tensions and compromises Link to article
Herman Stål, Maria Bengtsson, Siarhei Manzshynski
Business Strategy and the Environment

Assimilation, Integration or Inclusion? A Dialectical Perspective on the Organizational Socialization of Migrants Link to article
Vedran Omanovic, A. Langley
Journal of Management Inquiry



Under the Surface of Individual and Differentiated Pay in Sweden: A Zero‐Sum Game of Performance‐Based Pay? Link to article
Ylva Ulfsdotter Eriksson, Bengt Larsson, Petra Adolfsson
British Journal of Industrial Relations

The sustainability shift: The role of calculative practices in strategy implementation Link to article
Sara Brorström
Financial Accountability and Management

Organizing Means–Ends Decoupling: Core–Compartment Separations in Fast Fashion Link to article
Herman Stål, Hervé Corvellec
Business and Society

It takes change to remain the same: The transformation of Swedish government policy making in economic crises and the involvement of social partners Link to article
Ola Bergström, Alexander Styhre
Economic and Industrial Democracy

Getting integrative urban regeneration strategies done: Insights from Antwerp and Gothenburg Link to article
Sara Brorström, Jannes Willems
International Review of Administrative Sciences

Employee participation and job satisfaction in SMEs: Investigating strategic exploitation and exploration as moderators Link to article
Wajda Wikhamn, Björn Remneland Wikhamn, Jonas Fasth
International Journal of Human Resource Management

Boundaries of collaboration – the case of a temporary housing complex for refugees in Sweden  Link to article
Sara Brorström, Andreas Diedrich
Public Management Review

Buyer Engagement and Labour Conditions in Global Supply Chains: The Bangladesh Accord and Beyond Link to article
Niklas Egels-Zandén, C.Oka, R. Alexander
Development and Change

Life Cycle Work: A Process Study of the Emergence and Performance of Life Cycle Practice Link to article
Andreas Diedrich, H. Nilsson-Linden, H. Baumann
Organization & Environment

Open innovation change agents in large firms: how open innovation is enacted in paradoxical settings Link to article
Björn Remneland
R and D Management

Plans and situated actions in urban renewal projects: The role of governance devices in realizing projects Link to article
Sara Brorström, Alexander Styhre
Environment and Planning C-Politics and Space

The viability of the Scandinavian work-life model and the impact of lean production: The case of Scania Link to article
Stefan Tengblad, M. Oudhuis
Economic and Industrial Democracy

Urban commoning practices in the repair movement: Frontstaging the backstage Link to article
María José Zapata Campos, Patrik Zapata, Maria Isabel Ordonez
Environment and planning A



Alone at work: Isolation, competition and co-dependency in flexibilised retail Link to article
Rebecka Arman, Maria Norbäck
Economic and Industrial Democracy

Boundary work among groups, occupations, and organizations: From cartography to process Link to article
Kajsa Lindberg, Lars Walter
Academy of Management Annals

Changing restructuring regimes in eleven European Countries during and after the financial crisis Link to article
Ola Bergström
European journal of industrial relations

Cities, institutional entrepreneurship and the emergence of new environmental policies: The organizing of waste prevention in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden Link to article
María José Zapata Campos
Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space

Competing institutional logics in talent management: talent identification at the HQ and a subsidiary Link to article
Daniel Tyskbo
International Journal of Human Resource Management

Emergent coordination and situated learning in a Hybrid OR: The mixed blessing of using radiation Link to article
Lars Walter, Kajsa Lindberg
Social Science & Medicine

Glimpses of resistance: Entrepreneurial subjectivity and freelance journalist work Link to article
Maria Norbäck

Innovation, sustainable HRM and customer satisfaction Link to article
Wajda Wikhamn
International Journal of Hospitality Management

‘Keeping politicians at arm’s length’: how managers in a collaborative organization deal with the administration–politics interface Link to article
Maria Norbäck, Sara Brorström
International Review of Administrative Sciences

Managerial challenges of outbound open innovation: a study of a spinout initiative in AstraZeneca Link to article
Björn Remneland Wikhamn, Alexander Styhre
R and D Management

Non Sibi, Sed Omnibus: Influence of Supplier Collective Behaviour on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Bangladeshi Apparel Supply Chain Link to article
Niklas Egels-Zandén

Recycling Problems and Modernizing the Solution: Doing Institutional Maintenance Work on Swedish Public Service Television Link to article
Maria Norbäck
Journal of management inquiry

The Strategy Process as a Result of Learning, Questioning, and Performing in a City Organization Link to article
Sara Brorström
International Public Management Journal

Journal of Business Ethics