University of Gothenburg

Management & Organisation

The research in the Management & Organisation Section is conducted in the fields of sustainability, human resource, new technologies, innovation and growth, and multinationals.

Research themes

Sustainability - Our research is primarily concerned with how firms develop sustainable strategies, that is the transformation towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Human Resources - Our research is primarily concerned with how human resource management is transformed in times of change.

New technologies - Our research is concerned with how new technologies create new opportunities and challenges in the everyday life of organizations and the blurred boundaries between human and non-human actors.

Innovation and growth - Our research is devoted to open innovation, clusters, entrepreneurship and strategic responses to the use of new technologies such as digitalization.

Multinationals - Our research in this is area is focused on the relationship between the headquarters and the subsidiaries and how this relationship differs due to the global structure chosen and strategy applied. Recent focus has been on emerging markets and the role played by subsidiaries in the multinationals' global networks.

Selected publications

Selected publications from the areas managing sustainability, human resource, new technologies and innovation and growth.