University of Gothenburg

Application and admission

The Department of Business Administration offers third-cycle education in two subject areas:

• Business Administration
• Economic Geography

Admission to the PhD Programmes normally takes place every two years. Vacant PhD positions are announced at the University’s Job Application Portal preliminary from February 1, 2025, with the application deadline March 1, 2025. The admitted PhD students receive funding for the entire PhD Programme, equal of four years full time.

The PhD Programmes normally starts September 1.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for admission to third-cycle education, the applicant must fulfil all applicable general and specific entry requirements. He/she must also be deemed able to benefit from third-cycle education.

An applicant can only be admitted to third-cycle education if he/she is appointed to a doctoral studentship. Applicants with other sources of funding may also be admitted, but only if the funding can be assumed to be secured for the entire duration of the studies and the applicant can be expected to devote enough time to the studies to complete the programme in four years for a licentiate degree and eight years for a doctoral degree.

General entry requirements

General entry requirements are fulfilled if the applicant has;

  1. completed an academic degree at advanced level (second cycle courses and programmes),
  2. completed course requirements for a minimum of 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 at advanced level (second cycle), or
  3. in another way acquired essentially the equivalent knowledge in Sweden or abroad.

Specific entry requirements

The specific entry requirements for third-cycle education in business administration are fulfilled if the applicant has completed at least 90 higher education credits within the subject, including a degree project corresponding to 15 higher education credits or equivalent knowledge acquired in some other way.


The basis for selection from eligible applicants for third-cycle education is the extent to which they are deemed capable of benefiting from such education.

The number of students admitted to third-cycle education is limited to the number of students who can be provided acceptable conditions for their studies with respect to supervision and their overall study situation.