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SANTE Academy

A university collaboration focused on business systems

About SANTE Academy

SANTE Academy is a cooperation between universities focused on the usage, exchange and experiences using business software in academic teaching and research.

SANTE stands for Scandinavian Academic Network for Teaching Enterprise Systems.

SANTE gives students the ability to work with different types of business systems like ERP-systems, accounting systems and Business Intelligence systems without the need to install these systems on their hardware.

Through this, students are getting useful practices with real business systems.


SANTE consists of several member universities that are cooperating and sharing their experiences from teaching business systems.

Collaborations with trade and industry

SANTE are collaborating with many different companies such as developers of business systems and consulting firms. The collaborations are partnerships, usage of software, larger projects, cases, exercises and guest lectures.

Contact us

Business IT Lab

Föreståndare: Viktor Elliot, universitetslektor, doktor, redovisning
Tel: 031-786 1483

Föreståndare: Mari Paananen, universitetslektor, docent, redovisning,
Tel: 031-786 3063

Support: Markus Hansson, IT-samordnare
Tel: 031-786 4402

Support: Peter Carlsson, IT-samordnare
Tel: 031-786 5566

Telefon (växel): 031-786 0000