University of Gothenburg

Industrial and Financial Management & Logistics

The research focus of the group is on managerial and policy decision-making, with particular emphasis on the application of economic theory and empirical analysis to accomplish efficient and sustainable use of scarce resources in business firms, public organisations, industry sectors and society as a whole.

The group possesses significant research strengths in the fields of corporate governance, operations research and analysis, financial and operational risk management, logistics and supply chain management, investment appraisal, efficiency estimation, transport modelling, pricing, valuation, portfolio choice and environmental sustainability.

The group has a long tradition of working in close cooperation with industry, government agencies and regional authorities. It holds a particularly strong research position in the areas of banking and finance, manufacturing, intermodal transport, maritime logistics, real estate, utilities, urban freight and heavy industry. The group also addresses specific energy related issues such as energy efficiency and emissions trading schemes. The group’s research is primarily empirically oriented, with a particular focus on applicability, relevance and problem solving.

The group has significant experience in EU-funded projects and has undertaken a number of research projects on behalf of the Swedish Government, the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, the Swedish Energy Agency and Sweden’s Innovation Agency.