University of Gothenburg

Section Management & Organisation

We offer courses on all levels and carry out research that covers a wide range of topics.

Our research covers a wide range of topics within the field of Management and Organization for example, Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Sustainability, Health Care Management, Strategy, Innovation, International Business, and Change Management.

Our research is carried out in multi-annual research projects in cooperation with industry and is financed mainly by government research funds, such as the Swedish Research Council, Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research, Vinnova, etc.

We offer courses to several Master Programmes within the Gothenburg University, for example, Master of Science in Management, Master of Science in International Business and Trade, Master of Science in Strategic HRM, and Master of Science in Business and Design. We also offer courses at undergraduate level in areas such as management, leadership, strategy and organization theory.


Head of Section
Sara Brorström
+46 31 786 2302

Björn Wikhamn
+46 31786 2297

Departmental administrator
Maria Persson
+46 31 786 1445

Visiting address: Vasagatan 1

Postal adress: Department of Business Administration
PO Box 610, 405 30 Gothenburg , Sweden

M&O Staff



Adhikari Purushottam Doctoral student

Adolfsson, Petra

Senior lecturer, associate professor

Alghabari Hamad Doctoral student

Arman, Rebecka

Senior lecturer, associate professor

Berg Justine Doctoral student

Bergström, Ola


Björklund Niclas

Doctoral student

Brorström Sara

Professor and Head of Section

Diedrich, Andreas


Egels Zandén, Niklas


Eriksson-Zetterquist Ulla


Fasth, Jonas


Franz, Sarah


Gadolin, Christian Researcher

Gillberg, Nanna

Senior Lecturer

Henning, Martin

Professor  - economic geography

Hilmersson, Mikael


Hällsten, Freddy

Senior lecturer

Jakobsson Johan 

Senior lecturer

Jensen, Christian

Senior lecturer, associate professor

Kuusk, Kadri


Lavén, Fredrik Senior lecturer
Lindberg Kajsa Professor
Maleki Bahareh Doctoral student
Martin Hanna Senior lecturer
Martin Roman Professor
McGrath Michael Doctoral student
Nakamura Richard Senior lecturer
Nieminen Otto Doctoral student
Nilsson Apinya Doctoral student
Norbäck, Maria Professor
Omanovic, Vedran Senior lecturer, associate professor
Persson, Maria Administrative coordinator
Remneland Wikhamn, Björn Professor and Head of Section
Rony Nazneen Doctoral student
Schweizer, Roger Professor
Ström, Patrik Senior lecturer, associate professor - economic geography
Styhre, Alexander Professor
Thilander, Per Senior lecturer
Wang Yifei Doctoral student
Windahl Strömblad Linnea Doctoral student
Wickström Alice Postdoc
Wikström, Ewa Professor
Yakob, Ramsin Senior lecturer, associate professor and Head of Section
Zapata Campos, Maria Jose Senior lecturer
Åkerman, Niklas Senior lecturer

Associated Faculty and Staff

Namn Titel
Almudena Cañibano

Visiting Research Fellow

Ivarsson, Inge Professor Emeritus
Nestor Curt  
Raviola Elena Professor
Vahlne Jan-Erik Professor Emeritus