University of Gothenburg

Section Industrial and Financial Management & Logistics

The section operates in two main areas; these are Industrial and Financial Management and Logistics.

In the first area the focus is on short-term and long-term financial analysis, planning and strategic control for business firms as well as for not-for-profit organizations. It is rooted in finance, production theory, systems analysis and operations research.

In the second area research is conducted in logistics and transport. More specifically the main research topics are intermodal goods transport, shipping, rail and road transport of goods, urban goods transport, the transport purchaser’s choices, sustainability, business models and regional logistical development.

The section offers advanced education in finance, industrial and operations management, logistics and transport. The section is involved in the education within its fields at all academic levels - from bachelor and master courses and programs to doctoral programs. The section is responsible for courses in Industrial and Financial Management and Logistics, the bachelor program in Logistics (Bachelor in Business Administration program) as well as the master programs in Logistics and Transport Management and Industrial and Financial Management. Moreover, courses are also offered in a number of other programs, like Business Administration and Finance.


Head of the Section
Ted Lindblom
+46 31 786 1497

Administrative Coordinator
Wiviann Hall
+46 31 786 1507

Visiting address: Vasagatan 1

Postal adress: Department of Business Administration
PO Box 610, 405 30 Gothenburg , Sweden

Staff and Faculty

Name Title
Abay, Zelalem Berhane Doctoral student
Agmon, Tamir Visiting Professor
Aregall-Gonzalez, Marta Associate Senior Lecturer
Aybalikh, Ayghir Doctoral student
Baeckström, Ylva Guest lecturer
Bergqvist, Rickard Professor
Browne, Michael Professor
Cullinane, Kevin Professor
Flodén, Jonas Senior lecturer, associate professor
Hall, Wiviann Administrative Coordinator
Harplinger, Henrik Doctoral student
Hussaini, Mussa Post doc
Gangopadhyay, Shubhashis Visiting professor
Karlsson, Elisabeth Senior lecturer
Katsela, Konstantina Post doc
Lindblom, Ted Professor
Mallios, Aineas Associate Senior Lecturer
Mavruk, Taylan Professor
Nguyen, Van Diem Associate Senior Lecturer
Overland, Conny Senior lecturer
Parviziomran, Elmira Doctoral student
Raza, Zeeshan Post doc
Rosén, Peter Senior lecturer, associate professor
Sandoff, Anders Senior lecturer
Sarwar, M Shahin Doctoral student
Schaad, Gabriela Senior lecturer
Sjögren, Stefan Professor
Sorooshian, Shahryar Senior lecturer, associate professor
Treacy, Raymond Post doc
Williamsson, Jon Senior lecturer
Woxenius, Johan Professor

 Associated Faculty & Staff

Name Title
Jensen, Arne  Professor emeritus
Jeppsson, Hans  Researcher
Krafft, Ove  Guest lecturer
Lundqvist, Sara  Guest lecturer
Lygnerud, Kristina  Researcher
Johansson Nikopoulou, Zoi  Doctoral student
Olsson, Magnus  Researcher
Sandahl, Gert  Guest lecturer
Willesson, Magnus  Researcher