Peter Zackariasson

Senior Lecturer

Department of Business
Visiting address
Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
Room number
Postal address
Box 610
40530 Göteborg

About Peter Zackariasson

Peter Zackariasson is since 2010 lecturer and Associate Professor (2011) in business administration, with specialization in marketing. Peter presented his doctorate thesis in 2007 on the development of video games. Previous, in 2003, he also presented his licentiate thesis on leadership in technology-intensive environments. In parallel with the thesis work, Peter has published several articles, conference papers and chapters, as well as a popular science book. The subject of these texts were primarily marketing, organization and technology - focused on game development.

In his current research Peter is studying video games industry, as part of the cultural industries, with a focus on leadership, creativity and marketing. Parts of the research is done in cooperation with Gothenburg Research Institute.

Research areas

  • Marketing
  • Arts marketing
  • Video Game Industry

Teaching areas

  • Marketing
  • Arts marketing
  • Advanced Qualitative methods