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AVPUBL Protein Production Sweden (PPS)

Protein Production Sweden (PPS)

Protein Production Sweden (PPS) is a national research infrastructure focused on the production and purification of protein reagents of excellent quality for Swedish researchers. We work with a large variety of expression systems to allow the production of many different types of proteins and can help out with all the different steps involved in the production.

PPS involves several labs at Swedish universities and has a high scientific competence within the area of protein production, in order to be able to offer expert advice for how the proteins should best be produced for their intended use.

Acces our Research Support

If you want to apply for access to use the services of PPS, please fill in the project application form below. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss your project.

About us

Protein Production Sweden (PPS) is a national infrastructure financed by the Swedish Research Council. The universities that are part of the infrastructure are the University of Gothenburg (host), Lund University, KTH, Umeå University and Karolinska Institute.