University of Gothenburg

Protein Production: Cooperation in Sweden and Europe

MPE is part of both Swedish and European networks and co-operations. As researcher, you gain access to various platforms and can receive tailored research support that meets your needs.

PPS: The National infrastructure for Protein Production in Sweden

The nationally distributed research infrastructure – Protein Production Sweden (PPS) – started up in the beginning of 2022. The Swedish Research Council has granted financing for a five-year period, until 2026. Five universities form the infrastructure and offer expert competence in various techniques of protein production.

Research Support

PPS produces proteins in bacteria, insect cells and mammalian cells, which are the most common ways. We are also expanding our range and adding production in yeast cells, plant cells and also an in vitro system where we do not use cells at all but produce the proteins in test tubes.

The five universities that are part of the infrastructure are the University of Gothenburg (host), Lund University, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Umeå University.

P4EU: European Network for Protein Production

MPE is part of the European network of academic facilities that work with protein production. The network is called P4EU, standing for  Protein Production and Purification Partnership in Europe.