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University of Gothenburg

Graduate course: Introduction in Image analysis for Life science

This course provides a hands-on introduction to image processing and analysis, with emphasis on biologically relevant examples.

PhD student ONLINE course in image analysis during last two week of September 2021

Description of the course: The focus of the course is on reaching a broad understanding of computerized image analysis in Life Science (mainly fluorescence and electron microscopy images) and a basic understanding of the theory and algorithms behind the image analysis methods and tools. Hands-on exercises that will teach a broad functionality of these tools and the concepts needed for building suitable workflow for a given application.

This course provides:

  • basic concepts of digital images,
  • basic computerized image analysis methods and computer exercises
  • visualization of multi-dimensional data,
  • image processing in preparation for analysis,
  • noise and image enhancement,
  • binary operations,
  • object / particle analysis and intensity and morphometric measurements,
  • tracking of particles cells movement
  • automatically analyzing large datasets.

We will address the issues of image ethics and proper image acquisition for image analysis. The course will also offer an introduction to a number of freely available software tools (Image/Fiji, ilastik), and the commercial software (MatLab, Imaris), preparing the students to start using image analysis in their own research.

Apply here: 

Application period: 2021-04-01 - 2021-04-21