Kristian Kvint


Institutionen för biomedicin
Medicinaregatan 9 A-B
41390 Göteborg
Box 440
40530 Göteborg

Om Kristian Kvint

Started his PhD at Lund University, Sweden 1997 and finished his PhD* at University of Gothenburg 2002. Stayed in Gothenburg doing research until 2004 where after he moved to London Research Institute (Clare Hall Laboratories, Cancer Research UK) for a Post Doc (now Francis Crick Institute). 2008-2015 Kristian held a PI position at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Gothenburg. 2016-2022 he was Coordinator for, and researcher (associate professor in cell- and molecular biology) at CARe - Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research at University of Gothenburg.

Presently he is Webb Editor at Institute of Biomedicine at University of Gothenburg.

* Thesis title: On the role of sigma factor competition and the alarmone, ppGpp, in global control of gene expression in Escherichia coli https://gupea.ub.gu.se/handle/2077/15574