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Kristian Kvint


Department of Infectious
Visiting address
Guldhedsgatan 10
41346 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 440
40530 Göteborg

About Kristian Kvint



Started his PhD at Lund University, Sweden 1997 and finished his PhD* at University of Gothenburg 2002. Stayed in Gothenburg doing research until 2004 where after he moved to London Research Institute (Clare Hall Laboratories, Cancer Research UK) for a Post Doc (now Francis Crick Institute). 2008-2015 Kristian held a PI position at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology at University of Gothenburg.

Presently he is Coordinator for, and researcher (associate professor in cell- and molecular biology) at CARe - Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research at University of Gothenburg.

Twitter: @CARe_GU

* Thesis title: On the role of sigma factor competition and the alarmone, ppGpp, in global control of gene expression in Escherichia coli