Carl Johan Wallentin


Institutionen för kemi och
Kemigården 4
41258 Göteborg
Box 462
40530 Göteborg

Om Carl Johan Wallentin

My research group addresses pathways to meet present and future societal needs using the molecular tools provided by organic chemistry. In a synthetic context these needs relate to scalability, efficiency, environmental sustainability and a necessary expansion of transformational borders in terms of molecular structural starting points. The synthetic toolbox needs to be equipped with next generation methods. Furthermore, to fruitfully meet the futures increasingly complex interdisciplinary challenges, that often span multiple scientific disciplines, it is of fundamental importance to have access to general production methods that can create molecular complexity rapidly and efficiently from structurally trivial and easily accessible (cheap and preferably bio-based) compounds and do so with a minimum ecological footprint. An important aspect in this pursuit is scalability. Research and development initiatives needs to be fully scalable from day one. My group addresses these subjects by exploring catalytic systems that are mediated by low energy light, by pursuing uniform synthetic valorization platforms for biomass and by the utilization of the outcome of these pursuits in medical chemistry oriented endeavors.

Group home page: http://www.wallentingroup.com