Bengt Oxelman


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143 19 Göteborg
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Om Bengt Oxelman

The flowering plant group Sileneae (Caryophyllaceae) serve as model group for a taxonomic project which integrates taxonomic, phylogenetic, and molecular information. We combine several gene phylogenies in order to infer phylogenetic relationships and species delimitations at the taxic ("species") level. The phylogenies form the basis for the taxonomic decisions. By studying several, putatively unlinked genes in concert, we are able to detect reticulate phylogenetic patterns, for example ancient hybridizations at homoploid level or allopolyploidy. From the phylogenetic perspective, more general questions, such as the evolution of dioecy and gynodioecy, colonization of isolated island groups and the Arctic, as well as comparative studies of the evolution of reproductive characters and systems can be studied. Our long-term goal is a total taxonomic revision of all the ca. 750 species in Sileneae, and to continuously publish the results via the database. Initially, we choose groups where the above-mentioned general problems can be studied. Cases where reticulate phylogenies are suspected are given special attention.