Studies in progress, in the ALC-room.
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Exchange studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences

At the Faculty of Social Sciences you find a wide range of courses offered to exchange students, on subjects such as psychology, environment, communication, political science, and more.

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Foto: Johan Wingborg

Semesters in quarters

The study term is divided in four quarters. Full time studies means studying 7,5 credits each quarter, adding up to 30 credits for the full term. Some of our courses are part-time, which means that it takes two quarters to finish a 7,5 credit course, but that you can study another 7,5 credit part-time course in the same quarter.

Bachelor's level courses

Faculty of Social Sciences exchange students can choose freely from exchange courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, provided that they meet the prerequisites. The course offer can be subject to change.

Master's level courses

Exchange students applying for master's level courses need a bachelor or equivalent.  Note that these courses are only applicable for students if the exchange agreement includes exchange at master's level. The course offer can be subject to change.

Additional information

Exchange students are guaranteed a seat in the Faculty's courses

Though, the 30 credit guarantee only applies to courses at bachelor's level, full study pace, and for students arriving on bachelor's level agreements with the Faculty of Social Sciences or one of its departments.

However, we cannot guarantee specific courses or subject areas. Each course has a maximum number of participants, and some are quite small. Therefore, it is important to provide a first and second choice for every period.

Official nomination

No applications for studies or courses will be considered until we have received the official nomination from your home university that you have been selected and accepted to come to the Faculty of Social Sciences or one of its departments under an active exchange agreement.  Your exchange and application are not approved until officially accepted by the host department at University of Gothenburg.

Other courses

You may apply to one course (7,5 credits, or, exceptionally, 15 credits) offered at another faculty. However, you are not guaranteed a seat in those courses. Therefore, in your learning agreement, you should give priority to the courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, since the exchange agreement has been signed between your home university and a department at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Gothenburg.

Nordplus students

Students arriving on Nordplus agreements are primarily to take courses given in Swedish (or at the graduate/second cycle level). Please contact your host department coordinator to access this curriculum.