University of Gothenburg


The Thermo Scientific™ Talos L120C TEM offers a highly digitised user-friendly interface, efficient performance and high resolution imaging.

Compared with older generation microscopes, The Talos L120C is characterised by a more robust vacuum system and is less prone to vacuum and high voltage loss during sample exchange. Equipped with a single tilt stage, it allows single tilt tomography in addition to routine imaging while a 8-litre liquid nitrogen cold trap tank facilitates uninterrupted acquisition over many hours or even days without the user having to be present to refill it. The 4k × 4k Ceta CMOS camera provides a large field-of-view and live digital zooming with high sensitivity and high speed. The MAPSTM software allows for automated and unattended acquisition of large regions at multiple scales as well as correlation of TEM and light microscopy images.

The Gatan 626.6 single specimen holder and 910 multi-specimen holder in combination with EPU software expand the applications to cryo-imaging for single particle screening and entry level cryostudies.  

  • Working voltage: 20 - 120 kV
  • Filament: LaB6
  • Line Resolution ≤ 0.204 nm
  • Point Resolution < 0.37 nm
  • Magnification Range 25 – 650k×
  • Magnification Range with Camera 35 – 910k×
  • Alpha Tilt Angle (with standard holders) -90° to +90°