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University of Gothenburg

Contact us at Bioinformatics

If you want to get help with a project or to get more information about our support or our prices, please contact us by using our common e-mail address. You are also welcome to contact any member of the team if you would like to know more about our research support.


Marcela Davila, Ph.D, Head of Unit
Area of expertise: NGS data analysis (variants, expression, metagenomics, protein-DNA interactions, methylation), sequence bioinformatics, pathway analysis, visualization, programming (Perl, R).

Katarina Truvé, Ph.D.
Area of expertise: Case-control studies to identify genetic variants having an effect on a certain trait. Analysis of NGS data as a succeeding step to GWAS to explore variation in the associated region.

Sanna Abrahamsson, M.Sc.
Area of expertise: Metagenomics, sequence bioinformatics, RNA seq, Proteomics analysis,  functional annotation, Programming (R,Python).

Vanja Börjesson, M.Sc. (Parental Leave)
Area of expertise: NGS data analysis, Single cell analysis, Databases (SQL), Linux, Programming (Python and R).

Software developers

Dagmara Gotlib, B.Sc.
Area of expertise: Developing software solutions for Proteomics and Bioinformatics   Core Facilities


Björn Andersson, Ph.D
Area of expertise: Statistics, proteomics analysis, data wrangling, visualization and programming (R).

Jari Martikainen, M.Sc.
Area of expertise: Statistics, proteomics analysis and programming (R, MATLAB, Python, SPSS).

Malin Östensson, Ph.D. (Parental Leave)
Area of expertise: Microarray analysis and SNP analysis (GWAS), NGS analysis, statistics and programming (R, MatLab).

Maria Nethander, M.Sc.
Area of expertise: Statistics, Microarray analysis and SNP analysis (GWAS), programming (R, MatLab, perl), Linux, databases (SQL).

Malick Senghore, M.Sc.
Area of expertise: Statistics, Clinical study- design, analysis and presentation, R programming.


Annelie Angerfors, M.Sc.
PhD student at Christina Jern's group

Halfdan Rydbeck, Ph.D
Researcher at Ann Hellström's group


Scientific advisors

Erik Larsson Lekholm
Professor at the Institute of Biomedicine. His research focuses on human genomics and bioinformatics with emphasis on cancer and non-coding RNAs.

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