University of Gothenburg

Gemini II 450

In addition to routine topography SEM applications, the ZEISS Gemini II 450 is optimised for array tomography workflows.

In array tomography the sample is sectioned, corresponding regions in serial sections are imaged and subsequently reconstructed into a 3D volume. Zeiss Atlas 5 software allows automated acquisition of multiple regions of interest, for example in serial sections, while the Zeiss ZEN software with Correlative Array Tomography (CAT) module facilitates light-EM in-volume correlation. Operation in variable pressure is possible. 

Accelerating Voltage: 0.02-30 kV

Emitter: Denka Thermal FEG gun

Probe current: 3 pA - 40 nA

- 0.7 nm @15kV
- 1.1 nm @1kV without stage deceleration

- Everhart Thornley Secondary Electron Detector (ETD SE2)
- InLens Secondary Electron Detector
- InLens Energy selective Backscattered (EsB) Detector
- Angular Selective Backscatter Detector (BSD1)
- Variable Pressure Secondary Electron (VPSE) Detector

Store resolution: up to 32 000 x 24 000 pixels

Operating software: SmartSEM, Atlas 5, Zeiss ZEN with Correlative Array Tomography (CAT) module