Anna Grimby Ekman


School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 18A
41390 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 469
40530 Göteborg

About Anna Grimby Ekman

Anna's main research interests are in the field of chronic pain, a common disease which in the new diagnostic code ICD-11 has it´s own code and is regarded as a disease in itself. In many projects, the focus is on epidemiology and statistical methods. Prediction of symptoms and treatment outcomes is also an important part of Anna's research areas, with application in chronic pain and infectious diseases.

More specific interests in the different areas are:

Research in pain and infectious diseases: - Epidemiological and registry-based research in the field of chronic, generalized pain, linked to sleep, stress, pain spread, pain locations and multimodal pain rehabilitation. - Projects in pain threshold measurement, both as treatment outcomes and method issues.

Biostatistics and epidemiology: - Analysis of ordinal data, logistic regression for repeated measurements - Causal inference, DAG, propensity scores - Prediction of complex outcomes, where the outcomes themselves are multidimensional. Bayesian and Machin Learning techniques are used for the selection of predictors and prediction models. - Analysis of right-censored variables, with repeated measurements over time. - Quantile regression to look at effect heterogeneity in exposures or treatments.

Anna is professor in health science statistics and an active researcher at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, and leads the research group GothPain - Gothenburg Chronic Pain Research Group. Anna also leads the research group Biostatistics.

In 2010, Anna Grimby-Ekman defended a doctoral dissertation at the Institution of Medicine, in the field of pain epidemiology. Anna Grimby-Ekmans has continued with research in pain epidemiology and generalized pain, as well as statistical and epidemiological method problems in these areas.

Teaching in biostatistics and epidemiology basic level and for researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy since 1996. Anna also holds seminars and teaching in pain epidemiology.

Anna is a regular supervisor for degree projects in the medical program, as well as master's theses in Mathematical Statistics, both at the University of Gothenburg.

Anna is one of the assistant directors of studies for postgraduate education at the Department of Medicine.

Dissertation: Epidemiological aspects of musculoskeletal pain in the upper body. Analyzing common and recurrent binary outcomes, Sahlgrenska akademin, 2010.

Licentiate thesis: Sequential probability ratio tests when using play-the-winner allocation, Department of Statistics, University of Gothenburg, 1997



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