Ottmar Cronie

Senior Lecturer

Applied Mathematics and
Visiting address
Chalmers Tvärgata 3
41296 Göteborg
Postal address
41296 Göteborg

About Ottmar Cronie

The theme of my research group is spatial/spatio-temporal statistics, with applications in health and climate change (a sub-group of the Biostatistics research group, School of Public Health & Community Medicine, University of Gothenburg).

I am a mathematical statistician who mainly has been working on statistical methods for point process/pattern analysis; particular focus has been on non-parametric and data-driven methods. Most of my work has been published in high-quality statistics journals. A few of the applications areas which I have worked on include ambulance call dynamics, disease dynamics, forestry, earthquakes, fires and climate change.

I am one of the authors of the R package ‘stlnpp’ which does statistical analyses of spatio-temporal point patterns on linear networks ( In addition, I have been labelled “substantial contributor” by the team behind the R package “spatstat”.

Before joining the School of Public Health & Community Medicine at University of Gothenburg, I was an Assistant Professor in mathematical statistics at Umeå University (2015-2020), a postdoc at the research centre CWI in Amsterdam (2013-2014) and a senior lecturer in mathematics at Anton de Kom University, Surinam (2012). I earned my PhD in mathematical statistics from Chalmers University of Technology in 2012 (under the supervision of Professor Aila Särkkä).

Postdocs (main supervisor):

  • Fekadu Bayisa, Umeå University, Sweden (2018-2020). Topic: Modelling and forecasting of emergency calls.
  • Mohammad Ghorbani, Umeå University, Sweden (2018-2020). Topic: Large-scale spatio-temporal modelling of forests

PhD students (co-supervisor):

  • Konstantinos Konstantinou, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (2020-).
  • Fekadu Bayisa, Umeå University, Sweden (2015-2018). Thesis title: Statistical Methods in Medical Image Estimation and Sparse Signal Recovery.
  • Adina Iftimi, Universitat de Valencia, Burjassot, Spain (2014-2017). Thesis title: Methods for the statistical analysis of spatio-temporal data.

Further details about my work can be found on: