Jesper Löve

Senior Lecturer

School of Public Health and Community Medicine
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 18A
41390 Göteborg
Postal address
Global hälsa och folkhälsa, Avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa, Box 469
40530 Göteborg

About Jesper Löve

My primary interest in both research and teaching revolves around the multifaceted realm of health inequalities. My engagement encompasses a comprehensive exploration of diverse dimensions within this topic. Although it's a highly complex task I find great satisfaction in embracing the interdisciplinary nature required to comprehend and effect change in this dynamic field of study.

Research interests (keywords)

  • Social inequalities in health
  • Gendered structures
  • Intersectionality and health
  • Policy and health inequalities
  • Barriers to care
  • Migration and health
  • Stigma and mental health
  • Psychosocial work environment

Ongoing research (in selection)

  • EMBRACE (FORTE) - Embracing diversity invulnerability - a multilevel intersectional study of communities’ vulnerability and public health institutions’ capability to cope with COVID-19and future pandemics
  • Equal-Life (EU) - Life-course perspective on inequalities in total exposome and health in children (EU-research program)
  • The EpiVib-Equality (FORMAS) - Effects of rail traffic noise and vibration on cardiometabolic health: social inequalities in exposure, social susceptibility or both? The EpiVib-equality project

Teaching commitments (in selection)

  • Senior lecturer at the international Masters program in public health science (MPH) and the Masters in global health (MGH) at University of Gothenburg.
  • Leadership group in the Masters program in public health science
  • Course leader for "Health equality and the right to health" (MPH212) at the MPH program.
  • Course leader for the PhD-course "The individual, health, and the community - theory and methods within research in public health and community medicine" (SM00130).
  • Lecturer in several courses in the MGH & MPH, e.g., "Social epidemiology", "Governing health equality..."

Ongoing PhD supervision

  • Sophia Nguyen Ngoc Phuong - Tobacco control policies in Vietnam: Evaluation and stakeholder perceptions (co-supervisor)
  • Helene Svensdotter - Selection and treatment effect within pain rehabilitation form a gender equality perspective (Co-supervisor)
  • Mohammad Akbar Kabir - Financial risk protection for universal health coverage: Cross-country investigations (Co-supervisor)
  • Agneta Blomberg - Determinants of capacity to work and work participation with common mental disorders. A cross-sectional survey and longitudinal register study of Swedish employees in private and public sectors (Co-supervisor)

Previous PhD supervision (defended)

  • Sara Blom - Unmet need for mental healthcare among men Sweden: Gendered pathways to care (main supervisor)
  • Tommy Pehrson - Notions of men and masculinities among personnel working with sexual and reproductive health (co-supervisor)
  • Solveig Lövestad - Intimate partner violence, sociodemographic factors and mental health among population based samples in Sweden (co-supervisor)