Carolina Lunde


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Haraldsgatan 1
41314 Göteborg
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Box 500
40530 Göteborg

About Carolina Lunde


Professor in Psychology 2024.

Associate Professor 2015, PhD 2009.

Director of Studies for freestanding courses (first- and second cycle)

Research affiliate at the Swedish School of Sport Sciences, Stockholm

Ongoing research

PI and co-PI for different research projects related to children and young people. Most of the research projects are based on follow-up research methods (e.g. longitudinal study design). Examples of research areas include children and adolescents' peer relationships, sexual harassment, online sexual experiences. children and adolescents' body image, and physical activity and sport participation. Ongoing projects are described in more detail below:

PRISE (the development of sexual harassment and other forms of relational violence in adolescence)

BEEP (the development of children/adolescents' motivation towards Physical Education in school)

OWN YOUR BODY (young people's online sexual experiences)


Mainly teaches in developmental psychology and on the postgraduate level. If you need a supervisor for your thesis project, do not hesitate to get in touch.