Jesper Lundgren

Senior Lecturer

Department of
Visiting address
Haraldsgatan 1
41314 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 500
40530 Göteborg

About Jesper Lundgren


After psychology studies in Gothenburg, I started my work as a psychologist in public dental care in January 1998. The work there mainly concerned the treatment of people with dental phobia based on cognitive behavioral therapy, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, as well as research and R & D supervision. I defended my doctoral thesis dissertation "Dental Fear - Psychophysiology, Cognition and Behavior" in 2003 and in the following ten years, I shared my time between the Public dental care, the Department of Odontology and the Department of Psychology. I became a lecturer in 2013 and since 2014 I work full-time at the Department of Psychology with a position as senior lecturer.


My teaching has focused on personality psychology, scientific method, psychometric testing and ethics. In addition, I have lectured on phobias and health psychology.

Research interests

In parallel with my clinical work, I have been devoted to research since 1998. Initially, my research concerned adult dental phobia and was focusing on etiology and treatability, but later also included young people in different ways. My interest is in health psychology in different ways, and in addition to dental care, I have also participated in research regarding conditions of pain, and diseases that are affected by lifestyle and self-care, such as asthma and diabetes.

Current research

Currently, the research I'm involved in is linked to different PhD student projects where I am a supervisor. One project is about the Unified Protocol treatment and how it works compared to manual-based CBT. Here I am the principal supervisor of psychologist Erik Nilsson, a PhD student at the department. Another project deals with dental intervention interventions to help young people with gingivitis to improve their oral health. Here I am co-supervisor for dental hygienist Sandra Lod Dimenäs, a PhD student at the Department of Odontology, Sahlgrenska Academy.